It was a very difficult decision. However, we focus on quality first, we do not agree to half-measures, so out of respect for your work, we prefer to move the date of events in order to maintain the international character of the fairs.

At the same time, in anticipation for next year's events, we have a proposal for you to participate in the virtual activities. Our goal is to create a space for sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences between science and business, establishing new contacts and consolidating existing relationships. After the success of the SYMAS® / MAINTENANCE Virtual Talks conference in April, we invite you to the next edition of the event, which will take place on 8-9 December 2021. We will keep you updated on the details. However, we can reveal that we are working on the program and we already ensure that it will be a very strong edition.

It's not everything. SYMAS®/MAINTENANCE Virtual Talks 2.0. will offer an electronic catalogue of companies constituting a base of contacts to thousands of potential customers.

We hope that our decision will meet your understanding. We are hopefully that we will „meet you” during online meetings and in 2022 without any obstacles in our EXPO Krakow.