Why become an exhibitor?


Why is it worth to become an exhibitor at SYMAS®&MAINTENANCE?

  • Do you want to establish lasting business relationships and find trusted partners?
  • Do you need to effectively increase sales?
  • Are you looking for the best place to promote new products?
  • Or do you want to showcase yourself as an expert or industry leader?

We know that companies have many different reasons for participating in trade fairs, so we take an individual approach to each client and try to tailor our offer to meet different requirements!

Benefit from lower prices until the end of May!

Benefit from lower prices until the end of May!



What characterizes the SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE?

Thousands of new customers

As an exhibitor at SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs, you reach thousands of potential customers - especially middle and senior technical personnel from the chemical, agri-food, plastics, mining or metallurgical industries, among others.

The only trade fair in Poland combining bulk material processing and maintenance

Our trade fair is distinguished by its focus on two specific areas: bulk/solids material handling and processing, and maintenance. With this combination of topics, we meet the needs of most manufacturing companies whose representatives come to the trade fair for specific solutions.

Top quality service

Have you not yet had the opportunity to participate in the trade fair as an exhibitor? Don't worry about anything! Our team will guide you step by step, help you choose the best booth option, select the appropriate forms of advertising and suggest how best to prepare for participation in the event.

You will learn about trends and innovations

We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the trade fair program, so we invite industry experts to provide attendees with the latest knowledge, show trends and prepare them for changes, of which there are many in the industry!

We promote your company from the moment you apply

With us, you reach new customers right from the moment you register for the trade fair. We undertake a range of marketing activities to best promote your company.

You'll meet the other exhibitors at the after party!

After the first day of the trade fair, you are invited to an industry evening where you will make new contacts and meet other exhibitors.

What are the opportunities for participation?

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    We have prepared several types of stands for you, from economical construction to special stands tailored to your needs!


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    Advertising packages

    We offer a range of advertising options - online, outdoor, indoor and attractive packages. This will make your company stand out and be remembered by visitors!


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    Speech on stage

    Show yourself as an expert! Prepare an interesting case study or talk about the latest technologies during workshops on the trade fair stage.


How to take part in the trade fair?

  • Let's get to know each other!

    Tell us about your company: what kind of customers you are looking for, what is your budget and your main goals for participating in the trade fair. We will prepare an offer for you and help you choose the best stand!


  • Place an order in the exhibitor panel

    Once you have selected your booth, register your company and place your order in the exhibitor panel.

    Fill in your company's details in the online catalog to have your company listed as an exhibitor!




  • It's time for a promotion!

    Send us your promotional materials - a video invitation for use on social media, product news or an article with a case study of the implementation of your technology at a client. From the moment you register, we will actively promote your company.


  • Invite your customers

    We see the greatest trade show success among exhibitors who have actively engaged in promoting their participation prior to the event. Be sure to invite your existing customers, inform followers on social media and on your website.

Read report about trade fair

We have prepared a report on trade fair attendees - check if your customers are there, and if you need more information - tell us what your company does, what customers you are looking for, and we will be happy to advise you!

get report

  • We have been organizing trade fair for 26 years!


    We have been organizing trade fair for 26 years!

    Targi w Krakowie Sp. z o.o. is the largest trade fair and congress organizer in the south of the country and the third largest in Poland. For more than 25 years we have been organizing more than a dozen international trade fair events, constantly expanding and modernizing the proven trade fair formula, responding to market needs and creating trade fair trends.

    We are constantly looking for new solutions to make participation in trade fairs effective and attractive for our participants!

  • The undoubted advantage of SYMAS® is the presence of customers from different industries. Other events we attend are strictly industry-specific, e.g. energy, aggregates, cement and lime, etc., while at SYMAS® everyone is present.

  • SYMAS® is the largest event of its kind on the country's trade fair map, and is therefore the best opportunity to source business relationships with Polish companies.

  • We were visited by a large number of participants, at times exceeding our expectations. Importantly, these were people with a keen interest in new technologies, a lot of knowledge and specific expectations regarding technical solutions.

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The trade fair lasts only 2 days, but we work all year to make your participation a success!

Our team is always ready to answer your questions, advise on the best forms of promotion and types of stands. If you want to know a detailed offer of participation - write to us, call us or come for a coffee to our office in Krakow. :)

Ask us for an offer for your company!

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