Know more about SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE Fair

The SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE Trade Fair program covers the following topics:

  • powder & bulk solids processing,
  • bulk materials transportation & storage,
  • explosion and process protection,
  • maintenance equipment,
  • reduction of industrial utilities consumption,
  • optimization of production processes,
  • plant safety and cleanliness,
  • services for the industry.
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Latest technologies, product premieres and practical knowledge

For 14 years, the SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE Trade Fairs have been one of the most important industry meetings in Poland. They benefit both large companies, with an established position in the market, as well as small businesses, for which presence at the fair is an opportunity to attract many customers and present themselves to the industry.

At the fair you will learn about the latest technologies used in the powder and bulk materials industry, but also about the most effective maintenance practices in companies.

The combination of two widely present industrial issues - handling and transport of powders and bulk materials with maintenance tools and methods - at a single event, allows for a comprehensive presentation of solutions for most manufacturing companies.


SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE Trade Fairs are visited by representatives from almost every industry. Download the post-fair report from the 13th edition of the event and learn more about exhibitors and visitors, including: which industries, sectors and countries our visitors were from.

  • Electro-mechanical industry - 15%
  • Chemical industry - 14%
  • Metallurgy - 14%
  • Transport and logistics - 10%
  • Mining and minerals - 8%
  • Fuel and energy industry - 8%
  • Management - 41%
    • Maintenance Manager/ Production Manager
    • Chief Mechanic/ Energetist/ Specialist
  • Specialists - 29%
    • Maintenance/Production Specialist
    • Constructor/Designer/Cost estimator
  • Executives - 21%
    • President/Member of the Board/Director
    • Owner/co-owner
  • Others - 9%
    • Sales Specialist/Technical and Sales Advisor
    • Marketing specialist
    • Research Associate
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    SYMAS® exhibitors profile

    1. Solids processing

    • crushing, granulation, cooling, drying, separation, screening, mixing

    2. Materials handling

    • sorting, filtering, weighing, dosing, vibrating machines, conveyor and pneumatic transport, control and measuring equipment

    3. Warehousing

    • storage, silos, storage technology, packaging and unloading of bulk products, blending bed technology

    4. Services for the industry

    • design and implementation of industrial installations and facilities, repairs and maintenance, audit and certification of equipment, transport and shipping of bulk materials
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    MAINTENANCE exhibitors profile

    1. Equipment for diagnostics and machine condition monitoring

    2. Mechanical components and elements

    3. Pneumatics and hydraulics

    4. Electrics, drives and controls

    5. Technical chemistry and lubricants

    6. Tools & workshop equipment

    7. Industrial safety

    8. Production plant cleaning equipment and supplies

    9. Automation and robotics

    10. IT systems for production and maintenance

    11. Internal transport and logistics devices

    12. Outsourcing of maintenance services

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Summary of the 2022 edition

134 exhibitors, 2,560 visitors, 14 hours of lectures and presentations. The numbers speak for themselves, this year's edition showed that the industry is thirsty for face-to-face meetings.



Explore the thematic zones

  • ATEX
  • Filters
  • Mining
  • Industry 4.0
  • Lighting
  • Cement-lime