16th - 17th October 2024, Krakow, Poland

15th International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies
15th International Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Services

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International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies SYMAS® is one of the most important industrial trade fairs in Poland, where exhibitors comprehensively present technologies related to the processing, handling, transporting, storing, sorting, filtering, separating, grinding and packaging of powder and bulk materials.

International Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Services MAINTENANCE, on the other hand, is the only trade fair in Poland that comprehensively presents technologies and methods for preventing unplanned downtime and improving the production efficiency of industrial plants.

The combination of two widely present industrial issues - handling and transport of powders and bulk materials with maintenance tools and methods - at a single event, allows for a comprehensive presentation of solutions for most manufacturing companies.

Exhibitors 2024:

Exhibitors 2024:

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Behind us is an incredibly successful 14th edition of the International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies SYMAS® and International Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Services MAINTENANCE, which took place on October 18 and 19, 2023 at EXPO Krakow.

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One date - two events!

At the same time as the SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE, we will held the 13th International Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products KOMPOZYT-EXPO® - the only trade fair in Poland devoted entirely to the composite materials and technologies sector.

Lear more about KOMPOZYT-EXPO®


SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE Trade Fairs are visited by representatives from almost every industry. Download the post-fair report from the 14th edition of the event and learn more about exhibitors and visitors, including: which industries, sectors and countries our visitors were from.

  • Management - 40%
  • Specialists - 27%
  • Executives - 21%
  • Others - 12%

Our exhibitors' products:

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    SYMAS® exhibitors profile

    1. Solids processing

    • crushing, granulation, cooling, drying, separation, screening, mixing

    2. Materials handling

    • sorting, filtering, weighing, dosing, vibrating machines, conveyor and pneumatic transport, control and measuring equipment

    3. Warehousing

    • storage, silos, storage technology, packaging and unloading of bulk products, blending bed technology

    4. Services for the industry

    • design and implementation of industrial installations and facilities, repairs and maintenance, audit and certification of equipment, transport and shipping of bulk materials
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    MAINTENANCE exhibitors profile

    1. Equipment for diagnostics and machine condition monitoring

    2. Mechanical components and elements

    3. Pneumatics and hydraulics

    4. Electrics, drives and controls

    5. Technical chemistry and lubricants

    6. Tools & workshop equipment

    7. Industrial safety

    8. Production plant cleaning equipment and supplies

    9. Automation and robotics

    10. IT systems for production and maintenance

    11. Internal transport and logistics devices

    12. Outsourcing of maintenance services

Explore the thematic zones

  • ATEX
  • Filters
  • Mining
  • Industry 4.0
  • Lighting
  • Cement-lime
  • The undoubted advantage of SYMAS® is the presence of customers from different industries. Other events we attend are strictly industry-specific, e.g. energy, aggregates, cement and lime, etc., while at SYMAS® everyone is present.

  • SYMAS® is the largest event of its kind on the country's trade fair map, and is therefore the best opportunity to source business relationships with Polish companies.

  • We were visited by a large number of participants, at times exceeding our expectations. Importantly, these were people with a keen interest in new technologies, a lot of knowledge and specific expectations regarding technical solutions.

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  • Piotr Dowgalski


  • Patrycja Gutowska

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  • The sales system opens in January 2024, while if you are interested in a booth earlier, please contact our team.

  • The lower booth prices are valid until May 31, 2024.

  • Yes, provided you register this company as a co-exhibitor. You can do it free of charge (then the co-exhibitor will be visible in the list of exhibitors and will receive 1 badge) or you can purchase a registration fee for the co-exhibitor (the co-exhibitor will receive an entry in the list of exhibitors, an entry in the online catalog, a parking pass and a badge).

  • We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor advertising that will highlight your participation in the event. Check out our offers, especially packages!


  • Yes, we can build a booth based on the provided design or prepare a booth design based on customer guidelines.

  • Trade show opening hours for exhibitors:

    - October 16, 2024, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

    - October 17, 2024, 8:00 a.m. - midnight

    Trade show opening hours for visitors:

    - October 16, 2024, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    - October 17, 2024, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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We are giving into your hands a culinary guide to Krakow, which we hope will make your stay in our city more pleasant.

The guide was created in cooperation between Targi w Krakowie and Kati Płachecka - a culinary journalist who runs the portal and is the creator of the @krakowfood.kati account (the largest Instagram dedicated to food from Krakow and Malopolska).

In the guide you will find interesting places for various occasions, which are a must-see!

The guide is part of our bleisure strategy and a response to the needs of our customers who, when coming to fairs, congresses, conferences and events, also want to get to know Krakow.