Summary of the 14th SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE International Trade Fair


Behind us is an incredibly successful 14th edition of the International Trade Fair for Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies SYMAS® and International Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Services MAINTENANCE, which took place on October 18 and 19, 2023 at EXPO Krakow. The event was attended by 139 exhibitors and 3291 visitors. Exhibitors do not hide their satisfaction with the quality of the held meetings and have already booked booths for next year during the current edition. The SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fair is the only event in Poland that presents solutions for bulk and solids and for maintenance, which is appreciated by many visitors.

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The industry is changing, but we know how to adapt


The industry is constantly evolving and being at the trade fair allowed suppliers and customers to talk directly, openly and without rushing.

- From my perspective, live meetings are very important, because we are then able to get to know each other, talk to customers, find out exactly what problems they have. Some things are simply never said remotely, it's easier to talk live. We sell digital systems, but we rather like to meet someone face to face - said Dominik Lubera, CMMS Product Manager at Profesal.

Marcin Lenart, Sales Manager at RGB Elektronika, shares a similar opinion - we know that everyone is busy on a daily basis - problems with failures, problems with production downtime. Then there is no time to work out some solutions, but here we can meet. We can talk and think about what we can do together to make our customers' work better and these downtimes as short as possible.

Industry is not only machines, but also people. Professionals realize that continuous improvement is the key to success. As Weronika Maciak, Customer Service Specialist at EMT-System, says - the biggest challenges in the industry are first and foremost to improve one's skills, because the market is developing more and more dynamically, and you have to improve your qualifications to be better and better at what you do. Trade fairs are mainly an opportunity to network and cooperate with different companies, who also inform us about their needs. As a result, we know better how to respond to the needs of companies that are in the industry.

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Practical workshops, demonstrations in the ceiling zone and a wealth of knowledge


Exhibitors appreciated the opportunity to present their services also in the form of workshops and practical demonstrations. As Jakub Hasa, Service Sales Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE, says - we like to be at the SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fair because through practical workshops, which we carry out virtually every hour, we attract many interested visitors here and can share our experience.

Masters of Altitude, a company specializing in mountaineering services for industry, made its trade fair debut at SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE. The company took full advantage of the potential of the trade fair - in addition to active talks at the booth, experienced mountaineers several times a day presented services in the ceiling area, including mountaineering rescue, as well as first aid.

One of the most important meetings in Poland

SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fair is one of the most important industrial events in Poland, which attracts more and more visitors every year, while at the same time it has been a permanent fixture on the calendar of many exhibitors for more than a dozen years.

- The company has been in existence since 2001, and we have been at SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs continuously since 2011. In fact, we believe that very good relationships with customers are built at such events - said Błażej Bujak, Managing Director of Techmont.

The yearly opportunity to meet at the trade fair in Krakow was also appreciated by Marta Stelmaszak, Key Account Director at Sintac Poland - last year a lot of customers visited us here. Now they welcome us again, they remember us, so it is a very nice, positive experience.

During the workshops on the trade fair stage, experts presented many interesting issues related to not only the repair of selected equipment, but also the optimization of costs and production processes in building design or employee competencies in the era of Industry 4.0.

The Autumn Maintenance School conference, during which specialists in energy efficiency, industrial cyber security, reliability and efficiency of maintenance departments shared their experiences with their professional colleagues received great recognition. Participants learned about case studies from plants such as LG Electronics, BorgWarner, 3M, Woodward, Kuźnia Jawor and Knauf. The audience appreciated the conference's topics, which provided an understanding of the upcoming changes and will make it easier to prepare for new challenges in the future.

Companies praise, above all, the excellent organization of the trade fair and the event's focus on specific topics, which allows them to reach customers from many industries with their offerings very effectively.

- I believe that here the range of visitors is quite wide - from end customers who are looking for solutions for themselves, to manufacturers who are looking for new solutions on how to improve their machines. Construction offices or designers who want to learn about the latest trends also show up - noted Przemyslaw Chrobak, Managing Director at Abraservice Poland.

We'll see you next year!

According to both the organizers and participants of the event, it was a very successful edition. The industry definitely needs live meetings, especially considering the character of the daily work of many employees and managers of industrial engineering departments. The trade fair provides a fantastic opportunity to learn, see, and often test new solutions and make real improvements in the operations of manufacturing plants.

Observing the dynamic changes in the industry, new trends and solutions, we are looking forward to the next edition, which is scheduled for October 16 and 17, 2024 at EXPO Krakow. This time the SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs will be held simultaneously with the International Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products KOMPOZYT-EXPO®.